Styled in Ireland // One Day in Dublin

May 8, 2013

one day in dublin title It’s time for another Styled in Ireland post today! This one is a combination of two of my favorite series on FCV – it’s Styled in Ireland meets One Day in Dublin! I do a lot of trekking around my sweet city and have learned (often the hard way!) what works. Here are a few tips!

emily shopping Tips for Travellers:

Whether you’re in Dublin on a visit or just exploring a new-to-you neighborhood, there are a few things it’s worth remembering. First, comfortable shoes. The public transportation for getting to Dublin is pretty good, but your options for getting around the city are slightly more limited. You’ll be doing some walking, probably over cobblestones. I try to find something with a bit of a heel that can still cope with the cobblestones. I’ve worn these Clark’s ankle boots all winter (including on a bunch of my three hour Vayable walking tours!), and they’re incredibly comfortable.

temple bar street x3

{How funny are these lads in the middle photo? They were on a stag from England and have clearly mastered the photobomb!}

Next, I always, always pack an umbrella and almost always throw on a scarf. Better to be pleasantly surprised if it’s sunny and warm than grumpy, soggy and cold! And I should note that while I’m wearing a suede jacket for this One Day in Dublin, I only risk that when I’m reasonably sure it won’t be too wet. If I waited for a day I was absolutely sure it wouldn’t rain, I’d never wear suede, so I take the risk sometimes!

bag of tricks

Highlight // Irish Designer

Don’t you just love this bag? I picked it up in Bow Boutique in Powerscourt. It’s from Me&Emee, run by two sisters, Emer and Louise O’Leary who have a background in textiles and a sassy sense of humor! The bags aren’t your average tote – they’re much sturdier and have leather handles. They’re perfect for bringing home all your lovely souvenirs and treats!

emily shopping 2 {This is exactly how excited I get when I’m out and about in Dublin. I had just found postcards made of balsa wood at Industry and clearly thought they were pretty great!}

When you’re planning a city adventure, whether you’re traveling or just exploring your own, I find it’s best to do three things: make a plan, stick to one area, and stop for treats! Nothing gets you worn out faster than having to walk a long distane from place to place, and I find there’s a direct correlation between how worn out you are and how much (or little!) you enjoy exploring. When I’m tired or hungry, even the Eifel Tower wouldn’t sound appealing!

Instead, make a plan based on how much walking you’re prepared to do. I like to stick to one neighborhood and try to find as many places to explore within that imaginary boundary. You can also plan stops for coffee, tea and treats – there’s nearly always a cafe along the way to rest your feet for a bit! I find it’s helpful to have a reward to look forward to in case the journey is getting long!

Now it’s your turn to share, what are your tips for enjoying your own city or one you’re visiting? Anything you always remember to pack that makes the exploring easier?

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Jacket: Zara / Tank: H&M / Scarf: Avoca / Boots: Clark’s / Bag: Me&Emee / Hair and makeup: Kristin Labanauskas / Photography: Julie Matkin, Half a Dream Away / Styling: Emily Westbrooks


  • Reply Ting May 9, 2013 at 5:50 am

    Such a lovely outfit! X

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  • Reply Dominique June 20, 2015 at 12:40 am

    What would you suggest to carry everything in while traveling around Ireland or the even just the city. A backpack? I want to be stylish but not bulky!

    • Reply emily June 30, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      Hi Dominique, sometimes I carry a backpack or usually a tote bag with a zipper so I can secure everything. A leather backpack is very euro and cool! 😉

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