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  • baby books

    A Favorite Baby Book / On the Night You Were Born

    I love that we can finally stock up on children’s books, even if some of them are far above Maya’s reading level or attention span yet. We’ve been gifted some really lovely books, though,…

    February 10, 2016
  • maya-booties

    Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday, everyone! First things first, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post about our little rescue babe. We had a great little chat over on Facebook, and I just wish…

    January 29, 2016
  • simple-baby-essentials

    The Simplest Newborn Baby Essentials

    There’s a much more zippy title for this post out there somewhere, I’m sure of it. Something more concise than what-we-found-useful-after-not-being-prepared-at-all-for-a-baby. See? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue. I really wanted to convey that we…

    January 13, 2016
  • mary-b-earrings-names-collection

    Names Jewellery by the Irish Design Shop

    The Irish Design Shop has long been one of my favourite places to shop in Dublin, especially for birthday and Christmas gifts. For my 30th birthday, I even asked Michael to go in and…

    January 12, 2016
  • Friday Finds

    China Lake in the sunshine last week. Happy Friday, everyone! How was your first week back to reality after the holidays? I picked up our farm share for the first time since Christmas and…

    January 9, 2016
  • 2016-resolutions

    2016: Resolutions and Goals

    Happiest of new years to you all, friends! I’m still finding it hard to believe that we’re starting another year, and clearly getting off to a slow start. Of all the years, this one…

    January 6, 2016
  • Missing a Dublin Cosy Christmas

    The Powerscourt Centre in Dublin, last year at Christmastime Surprisingly, I didn’t miss Dublin until last week. It’s been a busy few months getting used to being a family of three and trying to…

    December 23, 2015
  • Happy Friday!

    Two posts in one week! Well, I’m even impressed with myself! I have to give some credit to Maya for taking a few more naps during the day so I could get a little…

    December 4, 2015
  • christmas-tree-2015

    How to Holiday in Houston

    I’m actually no expert in how to holiday in Houston, since we’re only new here, but I’ve made a plan. I figure if I don’t make a plan now, Christmas won’t start until we get…

    December 3, 2015
  • family-of-3

    Our Biggest News Yet: Welcome Maya Catharine!

    Well, friends, it happened. It really and truly happened. We’d like to introduce you (kind of, and I’ll explain that below) to our daughter, Maya Catharine Westbrooks. On October 6th, I closed my eyes…

    November 25, 2015