Recently Pinning: Fireplaces (Because It’s Still Cold Out.)

recently pinning fireplaces

It is May in Dublin. And it is just not warm. Yesterday, in a moment of insanity, I left the house in a skirt with bare legs (!?) and regretted it the whole day. Today I went back to boots, pants and a sweater.

So I went pinning the most summery fireplaces I could find. Bright and cheery and perfect for our Irish summer and fires in our make believe fireplace.

For more, Irish summer inspiration? My Pinterest boards.

Image, clockwise from top left: Image / Unknown / Unknown / Image

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2 comments on Recently Pinning: Fireplaces (Because It’s Still Cold Out.)

  1. Ellie says:

    We’re almost in winter here in South Africa, so all of those look divine!

  2. Mary Catherine Boyle says:

    Today’s a perfect day for a fire here in south coast Rhode Island. It’s foggy and gray with the temperature below 60 degrees. The leaves haven’t even come out on the trees, but some of the beaches are opening this weekend! Probably won’t be hard to get a parking space!

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