Four Date Ideas for Valentine’s or Not!

February 14, 2012

{a fort and a fire. what more could you ask for?!}

My Valentine’s Day plans are less than exciting and involve barely seeing my husband except for a few minutes to scarf down leftovers before running out the door again! But even though we’re lame, I thought Valentine’s Day might be a good reminder to us that we could put a little more thought and effort into a romantic date one of these days.

Michael and I don’t have too many free evenings during the school year because he plays and coaches so much basketball in the evenings. When we do find ourselves with a free evening, I often get stumped. Going out for dinner and a movie just seems so predictable (and often expensive!). But in Dublin, it often seems that’s all there is to do. So I’ve been brainstorming sweet little date ideas this week.

Here are a few ideas, but I’d really love to hear yours too!

Build a fire and make s’mores. In college, there was a dorm up the hill that had a fire place that anyone could use. I can’t remember the details, perhaps there was some kind of safety requirement, but I think you just had to order the wood! Anyway, one evening, I surprised Michael and got a fire going to make s’mores, just the two of us. Well, I’m pretty sure he had to build the fire, but I definitely brought the s’mores ingredients!

Make a fort. I know it sounds wacky, but doesn’t it also sound awesome? It doesn’t have to be a traditional fort, perhaps something more casual like thisย or this? And bring wine, I think a fort with a glass of wine might be a little heavenly.

Take a hike and plan a picnic. For our anniversary last year, we packed dinner, drinks and a blanket and hiked up Howth to watch the sunset. Or if it’s too cold, you could drive to a nice look-out spot with a thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy the view.

Plan a surprise.ย Sometimes half the battle with planning a date is deciding what it will be. When Michael decides for me, it’s such a relief! Although I do have to be careful – a few months ago Michael tried to take me to Bingo in a tough neighborhood near us as a surprise cultural experience date. Good thing I weasled it out of him! I think we went to dinner and a movie instead. Go figure.

And here’s a little bonus idea – Amanda from Wit & Whistle planned a fun date night with her husband and they painted together. What a sweet idea!

Do you have any creative date ideas? Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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