{yummy chocolate ice cream from the lovely brown-eyed baker}

One huge thing I am looking forward to on our trip back to America next month? Hard ice cream. On a sugar cone. From an ice cream shop.

Ireland doesn’t really have ice cream shops. They have convenience stores that sell one kind of ice cream cone. There’s usually a big plastic ice cream cone out front. And inside, you can get a ’99′: soft, vanilla ice cream on a wafer cone with a chocolate flake stick stuck into it. {looks like this}

Creamier than soft ice cream in America, but still not hard ice cream. No debating which or a million flavours to pick, no sprinkles or jimmies to dip in. And no sitting in the warm summer night while you lick faster and faster to keep it from dripping all over your fingers.

And with that, my mouth is watering for a hard ice cream cone. Or one every day we’re back in Maine. It’s vacation, so I can do that, right?

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6 comments on Melty

  1. WHAT???? So all I need to do is move to Dublin, open the perfect gelateria and I’d be set? Would anyone buy ice cream? Oh, and I do know of one ice cream place in Ireland that just does ice cream. It’s in Howth right by the train station (or whatever they call that thing). I remember having the most wonderful blue ice cream there.

    • emily says:

      I’m not sure if the ice cream place in Howth is still there. Any other Dubliners know? We live quite close but I can’t seem to picture it at all!

  2. Stasty says:

    Tell me you’ve been to Murphy’s Ice-Cream? Their Salty Dingle ice-cream is amazing…they are now on Wicklow St. Please try it and reconsider Irish ice-cream.

  3. lois says:

    Have had Maud’s ice-cream in Dublin and maybe it’s the trimmings/environment that goes along with ice-cream in America, but to me they just don’t come close. [sorry Dubliners, I’m just saying…] And it’s not like you go to choose ice cream in Ireland and go into sensory overload!

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