Happy Weekend

February 3, 2018

My mom got this great new rug, so when we were there over Christmas I took a few photos of Noah laying on it and then attempted to get Maya to stop for a split second in his relative vicinity. You can see how well that worked. Ha! You can also see what zero humidity, tons of wood stove heat and my total refusal to let her head be wet and cold for the sake of her locks does to her head. Ball o’ frizz.

This weekend, we’re dividing and conquering while I get ahead (or catch up, I’m not quite sure which I’m doing at this point!) on some work. Tonight, though, we’re going to take a break from work and have tacos at the park (if the weather cooperates) and start planning Noah’s adoption celebration. His adoption finalization is on Valentine’s Day, and both sets of grandparents and his uncle are flying in for the occasion. We’ve got a party to plan! We’re also hoping to meet friends at a new neighborhood bagel spot tomorrow morning, and then feed Noah his first real non-formula food!

And now, a few things to share with you.

I’ve begun posting a few pieces of writing on an Irish mom website, including a few old faves – Maya’s birth story, meeting Maya’s birth mom, and Noah’s birth story. I still cry every time.

One of my dear friends had a baby last week (we’ve been praying for these W babies for over a year, and now they are both finally here!) and I picked up Noah’s favorite made-in-Maine chewy Q for him.

I saw this fab video about composting in Portland, Maine, this week. We miss having the ability to compost so easily as we did when we lived in Dublin. But the Maine version allows you to request compost to use in your garden and directly benefits organic farmers. Much improved and entrepreneurial!

Halsey’s women’s march poem is worth at least one listen, probably two.

A really important reminder that what our kids might need most from us is to teach them how to be okay with not being okay. Or maybe a lesson we can all keep working on as well.

The Lost Kitchen restaurant is bringing notoriety to little old forgotten Freedom, Maine.


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