Happy Weekend!

May 20, 2016

maya playing

Happy weekend to you, friends! The weeks are flying by at the moment, mostly because we’re cruising to the end of Michael’s school year and Maya’s adoption day. Wahoo! We start every week saying, gosh, I can’t believe it’s only Monday, and end them saying, how is it already Friday?!

Well, this week I became an aunt again! My little sister had a baby girl, Claire Elizabeth, and I’m unnaturally obsessed with her already. I won’t likely get to meet her until July and until then I’ll be bothering everyone looking for more, more, more photos! I can’t get enough!

When I wasn’t ogling tiny baby toes on my phone, this week was spent working on a few articles, rolling around on the floor with Maya, trying to keep her from licking the library books, and watching her bounce up and down a million times. Even though it’s been seriously sweaty outside, we’ve been trying to get out for a walk every day for fresh (ish?) air, which has helped my mood tremendously.

We don’t have many plans yet for the weekend, but we’re hoping to make some and make the most of it!

Lots of links I’ve been collecting during my last little hiatus. Enjoy!

My dad’s latest book came out this week and it got an awesome mention in the New York Times! He’s kind of a big deal and he turns 60 today! Giant happy birthday hugs from Houston, Dad!

Really helpful explanation of Muslim headwear, although I wish the gif moved slower so you could really remember which is which!

A career site that helps combat the motherhood penalty. All of a sudden, this became especially relevant to me.

Throw a crepe party!

The all-white-wall debate heats up. Oddly interesting.

A few Houston fourth graders are petitioning to ban plastic bags and I already voted. If you’re Houston based, you can vote too!

Michael and I have been dreaming of an RV trip around the American west. This family has tons of tips (start here and here) and makes it look amazing.

The long form story of the million people buried in mass graves on Hart Island off New York City will blow your mind. The drone footage is incredible, too.

And on a lighter note, great ideas to make your week feel more like the weekend.

Until next week!

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