Dublin in the Details

September 22, 2014


On my way home from Dublin’sย city centre today, the sky was blue and the sun was shining warmly (and unseasonably) on my back. I stopped to snap a photo of this black lamp post against the autumn-blue sky. They’re almost always silver, so I was surprised to see several of these black sheep all in a row behind Dublin Castle.

Then as I walked toward the train I couldn’t help but look a little closer at the details above my head and below my feet. Dublin’sย architecture may not be as grand as continental cities like Paris and Rome, but we do have some lovely details when you look a little more closely.


Grates with the Dublin crest.ย  dublin_castle_detail This guy spends his days overlooking the basement doorway to the chapel at Dublin Castle. door_knocker_dublin

Chester Beatty Library’s side door knocker.ย  chester_beatty_library_dublin And the swirly wrought iron panes at the Dublin Castle coach house gardens.

dublin_train_transportation Even the details at the train seemed lovely – I think the sunshine had gotten to my head by that point!

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