Chicken Update: Like Christmas Every Morning

eggs may 2014

In the last few weeks, I’ve been cursing our urban chickens a little more than I’ve been appreciating them. I had no idea how smart chickens are. Those girls are so persistent in their efforts to escape captivity. I also had no idea how great their eyesight is. They find the tiniest of bugs and the smallest of holes to squeeze through. And when they get out of the coop, they start with my rhubarb and then move over to my peonies and my lupine. My garden is an exercise in perseverance!

eggs may 2014 2

But every morning, four eggs that just seem a tiny bit miraculous. They’re always so perfectly formed and the loveliest shades of brown. So while they try my patience (and the state of my rhubarb), I’m really grateful that they’re out there pecking away.

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2 comments on Chicken Update: Like Christmas Every Morning

  1. Fiona says:

    I just came across your blog, it’s great, you have a new reader! And I can’t believe you have chickens, that’s so cool, i might just have to try to convince my boyfriend to let me do the same!!

    Fiona :)

  2. That’s one thing I love about living in Ireland – the easy incorporation of rural and urban life! And so many scrumptious recipes can be made from wonderful Irish free range eggs!

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