Evening Beach Walks in North Dublin

emily_beach_walk_april_2014 Now that the evenings are getting longer, Michael and I have been venturing up to the beach for after dinner beach walks. Or sometimes before dinner beach walks when I underestimate how much time dinner is going to take to cook and we need a distraction while it finishes. We have our best chats walking on this beach, planning trips and adventures and talking about big ideas and decisions.  beach_walk_dublin_2014_2

On this particular walk, I brought the camera and he asked to use it straight away. He took some lovely photos of one of our favorite rituals. He’s quite a good photographer and I always love seeing what he likes to capture from behind the lens.  emily_beach_walk_2014_dublin beach_walk_dublin_2014 emily_beach_walk_dublin_2014_2

We call this beach Hole in the Wall beach, but I’m not sure that’s its technical name. It’s just north of Dublin, below Howth. In fact, when the tide is out you can walk all the way up to Howth but I usually don’t get Michael to agree to that! For the record, this beach has the best clouds and the best sunsets.  michael_beach_walk_dublin_2014

And it has the best handsome photographers, even if I do really dislike that beard!


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7 comments on Evening Beach Walks in North Dublin

  1. Vanessa says:

    Love Michael’s beach pics (and, incidentally, that beard!)
    The beaches over here on the Southside are a bit more pebble-y, but equally gorgeous this time of year: http://instagram.com/p/m-zq26m_Mz/

  2. Great post! Don’t laugh, but I found myself surprised to see sandy beaches in Dublin. My one trip to Ireland was all in the South and West — cliffs and rocky shores, so silly me, that’s how I was picturing the entire coastline. Fun to see the sand!

    • emily says:

      Thanks, Gabrielle! I remember seeing your Instagrams when you were in Ireland – it’s MUCH more rocky down there, but the beaches around Dublin are gorgeous and sandy. The only trouble is that it’s rare to get a day that’s warm enough to put a suit on and dive in!

  3. I spotted your link on Design Mom and had to check it out. Thanks for sharing these beautiful beach images with us!

  4. Oooh, lovely pics. I especially love the second one. Looks like a beautiful way to spend an evening!

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