Six Small Space Christmas Trees for Teeny Homes

six small space christmas trees One of the big trends I’ve noticed on Pinterest this year is the idea non-traditional Christmas trees drawn or stuck onto walls. They’re designed for those of us with very small apartments – too small for a three dimensional Christmas tree. But they also probably work really well for people who don’t like the mess of pine needles, or whose cats take down the hanging ornaments, or whose kids are too little to leave a precariously standing tree alone.

The funny thing is that in our tiny apartment we have just about enough room for a small real Christmas tree, but we have barely any wall space to make any of these awesome ideas. So I’m bequeathing all of these super ideas to you. Plus some of these ideas will use up a little of that washi tape you told yourself you would definitely use but is still sitting there since last year!

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One comment on Six Small Space Christmas Trees for Teeny Homes

  1. Elizabeth says:

    These are cute! We have a small, fake tree (real ones are hard to come by in South Africa), but it always makes me sad not to have a real one. I miss the smell!

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