Wall Art

July 20, 2011

When I finally got home from work on Monday evening, there was the best surprise waiting at our apartment. Michael”s parents did a TON of sprucing while we were away! All those annoying things that needed fixing or serious cleaning? Done! What a way to arrive back!

So not only do I have a really spiffy apartment, I”ve got a renewed excitement for doing some of my own projects around the place. (Or as Michael puts it, it means we can stay in this house longer without her complaining it”s too small!)

We have a few big chunks of wall in the house that could use some art and I”m thinking a DIY art project would gamesgames be perfect. And a cool arty project would have the added benefit of keeping me busy and distracted from the fact that it is downright wintry here at the moment!

Inspired by Pinterest, Sherry over at Young House Love whipped this one up – and in my absolute favorite colors too! The Young House Lovers have also created this masterpiece – both of them look really neat finished, but not too difficult to keep me from starting!

Or there”s also this one from Jordan at Oh Happy Day.

I think Jordan did a great job of explaining that more goes into abstract art than meets the eye – lots and lots of layering to get the look. Another tip? Don”t start with a bright, white canvas – give it a coat of a pale color before you start to make it look more like professional art.

I know those two options are pretty different, so I may land somewhere in between the two. But either way, that”s the mission for Saturday! I can”t wait to zone out and get crafty after a busy and exhausting week!

So tell me, any great ideas for DIY art? I”d love to hear from you!




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  • Reply Brandi {not your average ordinary} July 22, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I really love all the wall art. It looks very DIY except when I try to do it myself, I never am wild about the final result. And lucky you that you came home to a spruced up home! That’s awesome.

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