Up and Out

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I’ve come to an important conclusion. The reason why I never make it to my studio is because when I come home from work, my first instinct is to clean up the house. And since that’s a really un-fun way to spend the afternoon, it always takes forever and sucks the energy and inspiration out of me.

So new plan today. Totally ignore the piles of clothes, dirty dishes, un-made bed and last week’s newspapers, and hit the studio before I lose all my arty excitement.

And with that, I’m out the door to start painting that sideboard.

Leaving you with this (somewhat) new trend: food in jars. What do we think? I think I wish I could buy Mason jars in bulk in this country for cheap. Then I’d probably be right on board with this here trend.

{image from here}

I’m not sure about the actual baking in the jars, but serving them could cut down on a lot of decorating hassle, no?

{image from here}

I think that chili is especially genius. Cornbread baked right on top would be so yum.

{image from here}

This one looks like a lot of work. Guess that’s why it’s great you can just buy it from Etsy!

{image from here}

Individual breads in jars? Too cute.

And I’m out the door! Time to go make a mess!

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9 comments on Up and Out

  1. Gerry says:

    Yes! Get out there!

  2. Kristin says:

    I’m such a sucker for vintage American and Le Parfait canning jars, so I’m absolutely loving this idea!

  3. Rachael K says:

    I absolutely love this post Emily, I recently came across this when I was served my starter (foie gras) in a tiny sealed jar in France, the presentation was fantastic! I think this would be a really great idea for summer picnics, only question is, where to get ‘em? *Opens Google*

    • emily says:

      Ah forgot they had the mini version! I’ve got some of the bigger ones but mini will be great for canning jams and things! Ha gonna need more space for hoarding now…

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