DIY Painted Flower Pots for Confetti Online


I wrote a little post over on Confetti online that I thought you might enjoy. They’re the fastest, simplest painted flower pots. I think they’d make great centrepieces for a garden wedding or for a backyard barbecue. The best thing about terra cotta pots is that the paint dries instantly. Nothing better than a DIY project that can be finished in 10 minutes!

You can see more photos and a little explanation over on Confetti.

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Truly Irish / Giant’s Causeway Inspired Jewellery from Isle Jewellery

emily_isle_jewellery_2 Today I’m really excited to share with you the work of a new company that I’ve recently discovered: Isle Jewellery. I discovered them perfectly by chance a few months ago when they followed me on Twitter (I love when I find amazing Irish businesses this way – it feels like such a gift!), and when I clicked onto their website I instantly fell in love with them. Isle Jewellery’s pieces are exactly up my alley – their collections are inspired by Ireland and its landscape and people, but in such a beautiful, modern and well designed way.

I asked Geraldine, Isle’s founder and designer, if I could borrow a few pieces to show you and she very kindly obliged. I chose to pull out a few pieces from the Fionn collection, which is inspired by the Giant’s Causeway. I desperately wanted to drive up and take some photographs at the Giant’s Causeway, but time and scheduling just didn’t allow. So instead, you get me in front of a beautiful green hedge.


Can you see the facets on the pendant necklace, inspired by the craggy rocks of the Giant’s Causeway? Geraldine grew up in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland, and earned a fine art degree from the University of Ulster, specializing in jewellery design. She now lives in Tokyo, where she has been teaching art and English at an international school.

emily isle jewellery x2

The Fionn collection is so named for the Irish folktale of Fionn the giant and the Giant’s Causeway, which you can learn about on the Isle website (another lovely bonus!).

The story goes that a long, long time ago the giant Fionn built the causeway to Scotland. A Scottish giant called Benandonner who was bigger and meaner heard about Fionn and used the bridge to come and challenge Fionn Mac Cumhaill. When Fionn heard the giant was coming he realised he needed to outsmart this larger rival to protect his land. He dressed as a baby and his wife told the Scottish giant that the baby was Fionn’s son. Benandonner was so shocked at the size of the ‘baby’ that he fled in fear of meeting such a large baby’s father. He tore up the bridge as he went, never to return, leaving behind what we can see today. Victory for Fionn! 

isle_jewellery_ring_bracelet isle_jewellery_earrings

Isle has two other collections on the go at the moment, Cloch, or stone in Irish, and Lása, or lace in Irish. They are both inspired by those traditional Irish crafts, and the pieces are equally as beautiful and modern as the Fionn collection.


Each piece is printed with a tiny ISLE on one of the facets, which I love, and Isle Jewellery also has quite a few pieces for men. Michael loved the men’s faceted Fionn ring, so I’ve added that to the possible Christmas list! It’s chunky and manly while still having a little sparkle from the facets.

And because the facets are a little hard to photograph, here’s a little peek at the collection from the Isle Jewellery website. I love those geometric rings that can also be worn as pendants! isle_jewellery

And I nearly forgot! Their packaging is downright beautiful.

isle jewellery packaging

You can order directly from the Isle Jewellery website, where you’ll also want to have a peek at their blog, shared between Geraldine and her sister, Helen, who helps run the business in Ireland. They’ve been sending each other links and ideas and finds for years, and now they’ve decided to put those finds into blog form. It’s sweet and full of great finds.

Thanks to Michael for taking these photos. He’s no Julie, but we managed not to kill each other, so we’ll count it as a success! 

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Chop Chop

haircut inspiration shoulder length

I’m in the market for a hair cut, probably brought on by the warm temperatures here in Maine, but also brought on by the fact that my hair has gotten quite long and there is a lot of it. It’s a good problem to have, considering the alternative, but it means it takes so long to dry. So I’m considering a shoulder length chop! What do you think?

Clockwise from top left: One / Two / Three / Four



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Life Lately

life lately x2 1

Oh, life lately has been a exciting and full. Want the short, photo-filled version?

life lately x2 2

I shared a lovely meal with friends at Forest Avenue in Dublin, to send another friend off to Amsterdam. I spent an afternoon watching my friend Ursula screen printing. She always makes things look so simple.

life lately x2 3

I stalked this swan family (and six fuzzy babies!) in Stephen’s Green. Michael and I took a wander through the National College of Art and Design senior show. So much inspiration.  life lately x2 4

I shot the Folkster Bridal collection for Confetti, in very tight quarters. And enjoyed the heat wave from the beach in Dublin.

life lately x2 5

Then we headed to Maine! Preclearance in Dublin is such a great thing. But it doesn’t compare to being reunited with my siblings!

life lately x2 6

My parents added a new porch to their house this year, so we’ve been enjoying cold drinks and even colder snacks out there. My favorite of the moment is frozen red grapes!  life lately x2 7

Michael and I spent three days aboard the schooner Heritage (more on that soon!) and those masts were tall. That didn’t stop the crew from scaling them daily, though!

life lately x2 8

We were much happier down on deck or with a whole lotta lobster!

We’re enjoying another few weeks in Maine, and I can’t wait to tell you all about our time on the schooner! It was amazing! I hope you have a happy weekend, full of sunshine and summer fun.

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One Day in Belfast, Ireland


I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Belfast, even if we’re counting tagging along to Michael’s basketball matches. And I can count on zero hands the number of times I’ve really explored and appreciated it. So a few weeks ago, I convinced Rincy to take a road trip up there with me and we’re already planning a return.

Belfast seems to be a rather spread-out city so we spent a lot of time driving from place to place. The main problem was that I planned the trip myself (and by planned, I mean got a list from a helpful friend and hoped everything was right next to each other). Michael would have managed a much better itinerary to minimize the driving back and forth, so next time I’ll bribe him into helping so we can get more out of the time we spend there.

Here are the highlights from our trip to Belfast.

First, Kiln & Loom. Rene from Placed (of the Irish alphabet books!) opened a brick and mortar shop in Belfast a few months ago and it’s so great. Rincy and I spent lots of time looking in every nook and exclaiming over the gorgeous pieces she stocks. Kiln & Loom is full of Rene’s prints and tea towels, but it’s also packed with homewares and jewellery and accessories and books from lots of Irish (and some non-Irish) designers.

We found lots of options for Irish-designed baby gifts, which are surprisingly hard to find. The shop also functions as a little coffee hut, which Rene modeled after former police kiosks in Edinburgh that have now been turned into coffee huts. People walking down the street can stop at the little window out front and order a coffee to go (but they’d be remiss not to stop inside for a browse!).

kiln_and_loom_belfast    kiln_and_loom_belfast_2




I also managed to convince Rene to sign one of her Irish alphabet books for my new nephew, which was such a thrill.

After Kiln & Loom, we zipped (kind of, the Belfast traffic is surprisingly heavy!) across town for a quick lunch at Made in Belfast. Ger of Isle Jewellery recommended the restaurants, which has three different locations of Made in Belfast. And then we just so happened to park our car right outside their door and we couldn’t believe our luck! Lunch was yummy, the decor was hilarious and everywhere you looked there was something interesting.


Then I had to rush to a meeting at Established Coffee, which, lo and behold, happened to be right next door! I’m telling you, we almost didn’t need Michael’s travel planning help! Established Coffee was my kind of place. Good coffee, clean design, cool dudes behind the bar, not too packed. All in all, we stayed for hours.



Which means we were really late going back across town to stop into Maven, an interiors shop I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. In fact, we were so late that Maven was already closed by the time we arrived. I convinced Rincy it would be a good idea to knock on the door, just in case they were still there, so we could ask for a really fast peek.


Thank goodness Caitlin, the friendliest shop worker ever, had attended this blog event in Belfast where I spoke. Somehow she recognized me and let us in for a browse! I’m so glad she did. Maven is stocked with some seriously fun finds, both Irish and otherwise, from Ferm Living accessories to Hay chairs, Mini Modern wallpaper and Abigail Ryan textiles. Super, super good.

we_are_maven_belfast maven_belfast maven_belfast_5 maven_belfast_4 maven_belfast_3

Then, because we didn’t want our day to end, we stopped for a milk shake before driving home. A pretty great day exploring Belfast, and we already can’t wait to get back up there later this summer!

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Modeling Tulle Skirts for SisterMag


A few weeks ago, the lovely girls from Sister Mag came to Dublin! I’ve been pestering them to come visit for two years now, so I was so glad to show them around Dublin! While they were in town, Thea and Toni asked me to do a little modelling for them. Little did I know they’d convince me to spend a day modelling tulle skirts around Dublin sisterMAG-Emily-Skirts-4a

One of the neatest things about Sister Mag is that each issue contains patterns so you can make the creations they have modelled. Such a clever idea! The other amazing thing about Sister Mag is that the patterns are created by their incredibly talented seamstress and designer mother. The Sister Mag sisters often wear her designs in their daily lives, which you can see on Instagram sisterMAG-Emily-Skirts-7a sisterMAG-Emily-Skirts-11a


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the crop top (I’m 30! Can 30 year olds even wear crop tops?!), but it totally won me over in the end. It buttons up the back, so it’s on trend with some added interest. The key, apparently, is a high waisted skirt paired with a crop top so you only barely bare your midriff!

Sister Mag 13 contains a whole lot of features from talented Irish people like Nathalie and Ajda, so you’ll want to click over for a read!

All photos by my talented friend Ashley, who came to Dublin too!

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Off to Maine!

portland ocean

Michael and I woke up in Maine this morning! In fact, I woke up at 5am in Maine this morning. And then I waited a whole hour before waking Michael up too. It’s always a combination of jetlag and excitement to be home. Now I’ve been up for seven hours and it’s not even lunchtime. I see a nap in the sunshine in my future!

On this visit, we’re really excited to check out a few new restaurants recommended by one of my favorite blogs, Map & Menu. Well, maybe it’s more a love/envy relationship I have with that blog. Half the time it just makes me want to move back to Portland because they go to all the new, cool spots.

While I soak up the sun/take a nap/bug my siblings with my sheer excitement, here are a few posts about us exploring Maine from previous visits. Enjoy!

An Adventure to Swan’s Island / A China Village Porch Party / A Maine Barn TourCellardoor Winery / Colby College Art MuseumAutumn on the Maine Coast

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Model Photography


Yesterday I had the chance to photograph a new bridal collection available in Dublin for Confetti at a brand new Dublin shop called Folkster. Folkster is a new shop opened by the team who have run Shutterbug vintage in Kilkenny for the last several years. It’s a great addition to Temple Bar and I’ll be writing more about it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, add it to your list to visit – great options for your wedding or if you’re looking for something to wear as a guest to a wedding. And they have a super little homewares collection. But more on that in a few weeks.  westbrooks_confetti_edit_x2

When we visited yesterday, it was my first time photographing a real model and I found the collection both stunning and affordable. There was a lot of gushing over the beautiful dresses and the talented and gorgeous model, but when I got home with the photos yesterday I was struck by how much fun it was to be challenged by a new photography situation. I started clicking that morning completely nervous at the thought of having to give direction to a grown-up since I’m really only used to babies and inanimate objects. But I found my rhythm and am so pleased with some of the images.  westbrooks_confetti_edit


I’m really grateful that my various freelance jobs at the moment afford me opportunities to create and capture. I never thought it would be quite this satisfying.

You can see the rest of the Folkster collection here. And seriously, if you’re in the market for a wedding dress, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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How Irish Weddings are Different


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post over on Wedding Party about how Irish weddings are different from other wedding celebrations. I find these kinds of cultural differences fascinating, so I thought you might too! You can learn about wedding speeches, betting on how long the best man will talk, the Infant of Prague predicting the weather, and how it’s cheaper to be an Irish bridesmaid. Irish readers, any other fun quirks of Irish weddings you would add?

See the full post here.


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Happy Friday!

swan babies dublin

Happy Friday, friends! How was your week? Are you extra, extra glad it’s Friday? Today marks less than a week until I get to hop on a plane back to Maine and see my family and friends for a few weeks. I usually don’t let myself get too excited or even think about the trip until close to getting on the plane, because then it’s all I can think about. But so many friends and acquaintances here have been asking me lately that my resolve has failed me. It’s all I can think about. Because we’re going for a shorter time than we did last year, we’ve also had to start planning sooner than usual. On this trip, we have two new babies to meet! I get a little teary just thinking about that. Two new lives came into the world while we were across the ocean and we finally get to see teeny tiny faces we’re going to watch grow up for years to come. It keeps making me so sappy!

Oh, and chicken news! Lorraine had quite a scare yesterday but will hopefully be re-joining the flock today. Her eggs got all blocked up and we were very scared she was a goner. But she has made a miraculous (if slightly expensive) comeback and should be a-okay and back to laying eggs very soon. Fingers crossed!

In other bird news, on my Vayable tour this week, we were strolling through St. Stephen’s Green and happened upon this whole swan family with six fuzzy baby swans! It was amazing and I probably would have stayed and watched them flapping around for an hour if I wasn’t expected to keep the tour on track! If you happen to be anywhere near Stephen’s Green soon, go seek out the swans. But try to be quiet and not get too close. Gosh, it would be a hard place to raise a swan family – while we were there this woman was trying to get her 2 year old to go feed the swan babies. Terrible, terrible idea, especially since swan parents are very protective of their fuzzy babies.

This weekend, Michael and I are getting the house ready to have someone rent it for the time we are away. We’re so grateful we found a wonderful woman who’s willing to mind the cat and the chickens while we’re away! But there’s tidying and packing and all that to be done before we leave next week. We’re also joining friends for the NCAD senior art show opening tonight, then maybe stopping by the Taste of Dublin (in my list yesterday of 13 things to do in a Dublin summer!), and hopefully soaking up some of the sunshine that’s forecast (who are we kidding, I’ll believe it when I see it!).

Have a happy, sunny, bird-filled weekend, friends!

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