Maya Meets Santa (It Doesn’t Go Well)

December 5, 2016


Just in case your Monday is as dreary and rainy as ours, here is something that will surely make you chuckle. Maya met Santa! And it didn’t go very well at all. Santa was completely unfazed – I think he was meditating. Or counting the minutes until his shift was over?

We went to Bering’s Hardware store, a Houston institution with a free (thank goodness, because imagine paying for tears?!) Santa two Saturdays before Christmas. If you’re in Houston, you can catch stoic Santa next Saturday from 12-4. We got there at 11:55 hoping to beat the rush and Maya was probably the 10th kid in line. I maintain that we might have been fine if the kid in front of Maya hadn’t cried, but who knows. Strange men with facial hair aren’t exactly her favorite at the moment, so the result probably would have been the same. She was fine once we picked her up, so her drama only lasted a few minutes – but this photo will be giving us laughs for decades!

Hope your Monday is fresh and bright.

Happy Friday!

December 3, 2016

img_2193 Happy Friday, friends. TGIF, for real. What a week. After ten days in Ireland (photos and stories from that visit next week!), we had a slightly hairy journey home – complete with airsickness and missing seats on flights. (Meanwhile, Maya was a dream traveler. Go figure!) But this week was jetlag central with one very tiny human. Said tiny human has also had a major case of the baby plague, making her doubly miserable. Make that triply miserable. We miss our happy girl and we are very much hoping she recovers sooner than later.

We’ve been trying to put the house back together and start to make it a little festive for Christmas, even though it doesn’t feel much like Christmas outside here. It has gotten cooler, but it’s still far from chilly! But now that it’s December, we’re trying to get in the holiday spirit and venture out for a few holiday activities before we head to Maine for Christmas in a few weeks.

My mom made Maya the cutest Christmas tree/advent calendar stuffed with little alphabet magnets and finger puppets. We don’t have much space for a real tree, so it’s fun to have something we can hang from a door and not worry about Maya tipping it over.

I hate to make exact statements about what we might do to get in the holiday spirit because it seems half of what I plan these days gets scrapped for some reason or another. But weather permitting, we’re hoping to see the Zoo Lights next week, meet Santa this weekend, zip over to the Galleria for Shake Shack’s holiday milkshakes (the Houston version of holiday hot chocolate? 😉 and then drive back through the posh neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights. Last year we went to the Houstonian Hotel to see their decorations and have hot chocolate, but their hot chocolate was so disappointing and their decorations were a little terrifying. So I think we’ll skip that this year.

Love these festive holiday desktop backgrounds! Festiveness everywhere, por favor!

Emily Henderson is always great for a roundup – this one of oversized ottomans that can function as coffee tables covers a range of prices.

Parabo Press is doing 12 days of giveaways with some great deals on photo gifts if you’re on their newsletter list. Time to actually make those photo books!

A sweet holiday orange garland. I’ve tried to make these before and ended up with very crispy burned oranges. Think I needed a little lesson 😉

The ten best books of 2016 according to the New York Times.

We’re watching this movie at the moment. Vaguely interesting and watchable.

I love a good baby name list – here’s Babycenter’s 2016 most popular list. Maya is 53, just where we like to hang, a little under the radar.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

Another Goodbye

December 1, 2016

img_1732 This will be the third post I’ve written about saying goodbye to a foster baby in the short time we’ve been fostering. And this will be the second post about the same baby, if you can believe it. I wouldn’t say we’re getting better at it, that wouldn’t be the goal. But stronger, maybe, better equipped at least.

We got a call on Michael’s birthday late in October that the baby boy we thought we were going to be able to adopt at birth back in April had reappeared after six months of silence from his birth mom. She thought, once again, that she wanted to give him up for adoption. We got the call, said yes immediately, and he arrived three hours later.

It was the strangest feeling to meet the baby we thought was going to be our son six months earlier, to meet a baby we had prayed for for two months, to meet a baby we thought we’d never get to meet.

After a lot of drama and details that I can’t really share, he left us just over two weeks later, headed to a family member to take care of him, hopefully forever.

I will say that when he arrived, he had some medical questions we spent quite a lot of time figuring out over the two weeks. It was exhausting – bringing him and Maya to appointment after appointment and trying to keep them both occupied and calm for hours while we waited for answers. The good news in the whirlwind of disappointment is that we know now that that was our job. We know God needed us to step in and stand in the gap for that little man in order to put his health back on the right track. God needed our persistence and our network of resources to get him the right care. Hopefully, because of his two week vacation at our house, his life’s path will be different and healthier.

Little man had a sweet, sweet disposition and a bigger-than-average appetite. He had big, beautiful eyes and a super strong grip when he’d latch onto your finger. Maya learned that quickly!


At a foster/adoption training last year, a fellow foster mom from our agency who has become a dear friend gave her testimony about the first time she had to give back a foster baby. I remembered her exceptionally honest story of immediately not wanting to hand over the baby – much less anything she had collected or bought for her in the months she had had her. But in the short time she had to get the baby ready to return to her birth mom, God stepped in and softened her heart. In the end, she packed up everything that belonged to that baby girl – clothes, toys, blankets. And she stopped on her way to pick up flowers and a card for birth mama.

I know that feeling now, twice over. You want to stick your head in the sand and hand over the bare minimum (which, of course, is the utter maximum). But you grieve for a minute and remember this just isn’t about you right now. It’s about Baby E and Baby J and Little Man. It’s about sending them off to their next journey in better shape than they came and with a little more than they arrived. Little man arrived with the clothes on his back and barely enough formula and diapers to make it through the day. But you can bet he left with more than that.


When little man left, I packed up the travel crib and the baby jumper and the extra bottles. That was the hardest part, the few hours of a relatively empty house. With half as many babies as we started the day. It’s amazing how quickly that level of insanity and juggling becomes normal.

We loved watching Maya as a big sister again. It confirmed what we’ve believed since she was even littler – she really is meant to be a big sister, and we look forward to the day that happens and it isn’t followed by a goodbye a few weeks or months later. In the meantime, we’ll keep loving whatever babes get to come stay in our home for as long as they need us.


A Return

November 30, 2016

img_2105 Late last night, we returned from ten cosy and heart-restoring days in Dublin. There’s a pile of laundry the size of Maya sitting in the closet and the contents of our suitcases piled on the living room rug. There’s a Maya needing to be held, confused by the jetlag and somehow teething even though I’m not sure where these new ones will fit into her already toothy grin. There’s an empty fridge and a pile of mail to be sorted, folded practically into origami by our mail lady trying to fit ten days of mail into our little box.

But, there’s also sneaking, hinting motivation to return here for the first time in over a month. So I’m seizing the moment and trying to get back into practice. I’ve missed the therapy of this space, and the camaraderie of this space and the creativity of this space. I’m embarrassed that most of my posts this year have come after long silences, explanations of time away and drama that has occupied the space my brain used to have to write.

I’ve been asked often in the last year and a bit whether I miss working full time. I’ve been trying to freelance here and there, and I’ve started looking for full time work again, but I haven’t missed it. Instead I’ve really tried to embrace the season that I’m in, getting to stay home with Maya every day and getting to soak in all her tiny-ness. Even if some days we drive each other a little batty and really look forward to Michael walking in the door. I know work will be there when this season is over, so I’ve been trying not to be too hard on myself if this season means that I don’t get to blog daily like I used to.

Michael woke me up very late on Saturday night to tell me he ran into an old friend from his school days at the pub. He was a little surprised when she seemed to know quite a lot of details about his life since they hadn’t seen each other in years, but as it turned out she reads FCV. (Hi, Sinead! 🙂 And she told him she missed it. So in the wee hours of the morning in the cosy attic bed he said, “So you have to start writing again, okay?” and promptly fell asleep.

Turns out it was exactly the little shove I needed to log in again.

Since I last wrote, we said hello to a baby we thought we’d never meet, and then said goodbye to him much too soon. We introduced Maya to Ireland for Thanksgiving (ironic, yes), I became an Irish citizen and then made the national news. We froze our toes off running in front of castles, and now we’ve returned to muggy, sweaty Houston heat just in time for a palm tree Christmas.

I have more to say on all of those things, but this will serve as a start. Thanks for bearing with me through this season. And thanks, Sinead, for encouraging me to return.

Baby DIY / Maya’s Magnetic Fridge Wall

October 18, 2016

Do we call this a DIY? By my old standards, probably not. By current standards, it totally makes the very low bar.

When we were in Maine this summer, Maya loved inspecting and staring at the family photos my mom has had plastered across the side of their fridge for years. We may not have left the fridge wall quite as pristine as we found it. Sorry, Grammy!  maya-fridge-2 maya-fridge There’s Maya practicing standing on her own in Maine – that feels so long ago!

When we returned to Houston, I thought I’d create one of our own here in Houston so that Maya could have her own magnetic fridge wall to stare at for hours. Or minutes, but still. That’s practically hours in one-year-old land. Plus, most fridges in Ireland are built into cabinets, so I figured we’d better take advantage of the magnetized fridge front while we’ve got one!

The other reason I wanted to make us a wall of fame, as I call it, is that I wanted Maya to see photos of her family and friends who live so far away – at eye level, whenever she likes. It’s so fun to watch her recognize everyone. Whenever she sees the photo of my dad she blows raspberries at it since that was the game the two of them would play together this summer.  diy-fridge-wall Our very complicated and fancy fridge wall included three items. Magnetic photo holders, photos printed online at CVS and picked up an hour later, and a box of magnetic animals. Assemble accordingly and prepare to rearrange (or pick up off the floor and stick back on) daily. maya-fridge-wall-houston I landed on those magnetic photo holders because we found the plastic ones don’t keep the photos in very well and Maya likes to take them off and inspect them and sometimes throw them, and the plastic ones would chip and break (again, sorry Grammy!). These flexible ones are great, with a sheet magnet covering the entire back (aka – not ingestible!) and the photos never slide out.

The Melissa & Doug animal magnets are a hit as well – and also have magnet sheets across the whole back. I would say, though, that they could be laminated a little better. The kitty and the pig are a little worn around the edges since Maya likes to chew those in particular.  maya-fridge-wall fridge-wall-diy And a gratuitous shot of the cutie’s curls.

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Poetry on Houston Streets

October 17, 2016

houston-street-banners-5 A few months ago, I wrote about new banners going up along the streets of downtown Houston for Local Magazine. I interviewed the design team at Core Design Studio, Alan Krathaus and Fiona McGettigan (who’s Irish!) for the article and learned all about them but hadn’t seen the banners in real life yet. On my way across town the weekend before last, I pulled the car over to take a few photos.  houston-street-banners To compile the words for the banners, Alan and Fiona enlisted the editing expertise of Miah Arnold at Grackle and Grackle Literary Studio, as well as Writers in the Schools, Inprint Poetry Buskers, The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and the Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston. Layered over images of Houston in white text, each banner offers a poetic and vivid description of the city pulled from the work of some of Houston’s most talented writers, songwriters, poets and celebrities.  houston-street-banners-14 houston-street-banners-13 Houston downtown on a Saturday morning in the almost-crisp sunshine was delightful. I couldn’t help but think how much I enjoy an underappreciated city, especially when I’m spared the traffic headache. I love an underdog! And Houston certainly is one. But like most cities, there’s lots to be loved and explored if you dig a little. I’m so grateful I was given the assignment to write about the banners. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have given them a second thought. houston-street-banners-12 houston-street-banners-11 houston-street-banners-10 houston-street-banners-9 I think these would make such great posters for Houston fans!  houston-street-banners-8 houston-street-banners-6 My heart is a map full of dreams and tears.  houston-street-banners-5 houston-street-banners-3 houston-street-banners-2

The Best News, A Year Later

October 8, 2016

meeting-maya (I wrote these words yesterday, but didn’t manage to press publish until this morning. If you’ve missed this (admittedly over-blogged 😉 episode in our lives, you can catch up with Maya’s birth story here.)

One year ago today, at 10:30am, our life changed with one phone call. One phone call to tell us that our daughter was waiting for us in the NICU. One phone call followed by one texted photo of the most perfect tiny baby girl. And then one long day of waiting to meet her.

I was chatting with my mom yesterday and saying that I don’t think I fully felt everything that happened at the beginning after Maya arrived because everything felt so surreal and unbelievable. We were instantly in the throes of caring for a newborn, so there wasn’t so much time to really feel everything and the enormity of what had happened.

But there are ways in which that has actually turned out pretty perfect as well.

First, I’m grateful that Maya instantly felt like she’d been there all along. We didn’t feel the enormity of it right away because it felt (after the first few moments) not so much like a surprise but an of course. Of course you are here. Of course you are you. Of course you are ours. I’m grateful that Maya never felt like an added responsibility or an extra piece. Instead, from those first moments, she felt like a limb I’d always lived with. And once she was here, I couldn’t remember life without that limb. Leaving her in the hospital late that night felt like I’d left a piece of myself ten miles away, like I couldn’t quite breathe until I could see and hold her again.

The transition from pre-Maya to life-with-Maya was seamless. Now, lest you think that our transition to being parents was seamless, that isn’t what I’m saying at all. That was a learning curve! But the transition from our two-person family to a family of three, feeling totally whole as three, was seamless.

Second, I’m grateful that I feel and remember every aspect of that day. I can vividly picture exactly where I was and how I felt and how the light struck the bed as I made it that morning and how I felt a *ping* in my soul that I thought was God telling me there was a baby coming, that He had a baby in the palm of our hand that was already here on this earth and that it would be revealed soon. I remember thinking, hopefully, maybe we’d meet him or her in just a few months.

I remember racing to the car when Kim (our agency angel) called so I could get better reception. Our sweet little apartment is a concrete bunker with the worst cell reception, so I sat in the parking lot of the garden center around the corner and stared at the shrubs in front of me while she told me that our daughter was here.

I remember shaking when I saw Maya’s photo come through in a text and knowing in my soul that she was ours. I remember wandering around Target wanting to shout at the top of my lungs that she was here! But instead trying to choose a handful of baby clothes to bring to the hospital. I think I spent two hours in Target and only bought three things!

I remember standing in the parking lot of Michael’s school and trying to explain that she was here. She’s here, look! She’s perfect! Can’t we go already and get her?! But Michael was only one week into a job as a teacher with a classroom full of kids and a principal who didn’t yet know we had come to Houston to adopt. Knowing her now, she would have understood, but those first weeks were tenuous.

I remember the heavy, humid clouds and the grey day as we drove along equally grey concrete to the hospital that looked a little like a space ship. I remember not being able to find the right building or the right entrance or the right elevators. I remember making Michael stop in the lobby so we could brush our teeth and fix our faces so that we were fully prepared to meet our daughter.

I remember squeezing his hand in the elevator as we rose to the NICU floor and thinking, this is a moment I hope I’ll never forget. 

I remember meeting our friend (and fairy godmother) Debs at the doors to the NICU where she handed us bright yellow nametags. Future Mom. Future Dad. 

I remember setting my tote down at the door and squeezing Michael’s hand again as we walked over the threshold into a little twin room.

I remember seeing my girl all bundled in her little plastic box, sleeping so peacefully.

I remember standing over her, touching her soft skin, and saying to the nurses, But can we have her? I meant can we take her out, can we hold her, would you hand her to me already, I need to feel the weight of her to make sure she’s real. But I also meant can we have her. Can we have her forever. Is she really ours. Have we really just been given this perfect gift. 

I’m grateful now that I didn’t fully feel any of those things at the time. If I had, I would have melted into a paralyzed puddle on the floor. I’m grateful that I can feel it all now, a year later (and hopefully just as vividly in the years to come), but that at the time we were able to get down to the business of loving and caring for her without completely losing our minds with emotion. Apparently that was to be saved for 365 days later!

As I tidy up this post and fix my made-up words, Maya is standing over her basket of books, picking them up and inspecting the covers, and then choosing another one. She is our miracle who almost walks and exclaims uh-oh when she throws something out of her high chair. This time last year, we weren’t looking this far ahead. Thankfully, instead, our overwhelmed brains were making memories of that wonderful day to last our lifetimes.

Tonight we’ll put Maya to sleep and leave her with her aunt for a few hours while we go to the same burger joint we did on the night we met Maya. After hours of cuddling and calling family, we needed sustenance and a breath of air. As we ate, not even tasting anything, we could only say to each other, Can you believe it happened? Isn’t she perfect? Tonight, we’ll linger, toast to the best day of our lives, and perhaps only say those same things just a few times.

It happened, and she’s perfect. And we are our family of three.

A few more photos from meeting Maya:

meeting-maya-3 meeting-maya-2 maya-aunt-debs michael-maya-2 tiny-maya michael-maya

Maya Catharine / Turns One!

October 5, 2016

maya-turns-one Today we woke up to a one-year-old. A wonderful, enthusiastic, expressive, brave one-year-old who made us parents and instantly fulfilled our wildest dreams. Most nights, once she goes to bed and we’ve cleaned up whatever disaster she left in her midst, we miss her and talk about how God couldn’t have designed a more perfect member of our family. He couldn’t have given us a bigger gift.

This year has been one heck of a wild ride beyond even our wildest dreams. We are so grateful for the support and love we have felt from our friends, family and strangers who have become friends around the world, grateful for our village that has helped us raise one sweet baby girl to the age of one!

Today involved cake, repeated tears of wonder from her mama, kisses from her dad and birthday felicitations from around the world.

Maya Catharine, we love you billions. Forever and ever.

And now, a few more photos from the cupcake celebration! I’ll make a cake for another little we’re having this weekend with family, but we opted for a cupcake from Red’s Dessert Dive for her treat today. Pumpkin with vanilla buttercream for our October birthday girl!  maya-turns-one-7 maya-turns-one-9 maya-turns-one-2 You’d think we were in the jungle, but can you believe this is the corner of our back patio? I love the bamboo and hopefully we’ll spruce it up for relaxing and playing next month when the mosquitos pack up for the winter.  maya-turns-one-1 maya-turns-one-8 maya-turns-one-3 maya-turns-one-5 Maya went for the frosting more than the pumpkin cupcake – she’s not much for baked goods. Too many crumbs!  maya-turns-one-6 We’ve hit the sharing phase! It’s cute but slimy! 😉

A Shibori Workshop at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

October 3, 2016

houston-craft-workshop-3 Over the weekend, I left Maya napping with Michael and took myself on a mini adventure across town to a little free shibori dying workshop held at the Center for Contemporary Craft. I had seen a little info about the workshop in the weekly 365 Things to Do in Houston this Weekend email that comes into my inbox every Thursday. Turns out, the Center for Contemporary Craft holds a free workshop in their garden on the first Saturday of every month. There were loads of families and kids there! In fact, there were very few adults on their own, which probably made me seem a little weird, but it was so fun to see what Maya and I will be able to do together in a few years. So much crafting!

It was my first foray into shibori indigo dying and the workshop was enough to make me think there will be shibori dying in our back yard during naptime this winter.  houston-craft-workshop center-for-contemporary-craft-workshop I think those buckets are from Home Depot, and not bespoke printed with inspirational sayings. But they were still cute with all those legs waiting to dye their creations!  houston-craft-workshop-dying houston-shibori-workshop There was a crew of older ladies in charge of dipping and dying and explaining the process. The fabric is dipped into buckets of indigo, which is an oxygen free solution, and when it hits the air it turns from green to deep blue. Once they turn blue, they’re rinsed and hung up to dry.  houston-craft-workshop-shibori houston-shibori-workshop-2 center-for-craft-free-workshop And some of the finished products hanging from trees in the garden, like very beautiful laundry.

Happy Weekend!

September 30, 2016

houston-art-fair-4 Happy weekend, friends! How was your week? Ours was full of admin – changing Maya’s name on alllll her official documents is proving just as time consuming as it was when I got married and had to change my name. And it all has to be done before we can get her passport to travel back to Ireland for a visit this winter! I also got to cover the Houston Art Fair for a Houston-based blog I write for called Urban Swank. It was a swanky event and fun to be out and about on such a lovely evening. It seems the humidity has broken and there’s a hint of fall, albeit 80+ degree fall, but I’ll take it!

This weekend, we’re going to be laying low as my family up north puts my aunt to rest. We have plans with friends to smoke some brisket (we’re totally not going to be much help, but thankfully they’re real Texans!) and will probably find a margarita or two in our neighborhood. We’re also planning a little weekend jaunt to New Orleans at the end of the month when two of our best friends from Ireland fly in to visit. And we even have babysitters (in the form of Maya’s Grammy and Granddad) flying in for the occasion! October is shaping up to be busy, busy around these parts! And it starts with a big first birthday next week!

Now, a few links. I hope your weekend involves time to read them while sipping coffee in the sunshine.

This man illegally documented his trip to North Korea and smuggled the photos home.

Inside the bureau of way too many guns – what it means to “trace” a gun. It’s the opposite of efficient and the journalism is top notch.

An interesting take on never wanting to have a baby.

DIY bubbles! We’re nearly at the bubbles phase and these sound less icky.

I can hear Maya talking to herself in her crib, so I’ll leave you with those. Happy weekend, friends!