Planning Home: A Cozy Bedroom

January 23, 2018

Emily Henderson

Since Noah was born, we’ve had him sleeping in our room at night so he doesn’t wake up Maya when he starts to grump for food around 3am. I think we’re nearing the point when he can reliably sleep through the night and get moved into Maya’s room, but can I tell you how excited I am to have our own space again? Oh, and also? A king size bed. Our own space with a king size bed. That is my dream.

In preparation for moving into our next space later this year, I’ve started saving images that fit the dream — I want it to be light and airy with a big, comfy bed. While my temptation is to paint the whole place white, I like the idea of some color on the walls, especially paired with wainscoting. Apparently it’s easy to install. We’ll see!

I’m starting to pull together photos with the right vibe for our soon-to-be bedroom. Mostly simple and peaceful, with white walls and muted jewel-toned bedding or cushions. It doesn’t need to be fussy or even involve many components, but I want those components to be really comfortable and layered and cosy.

Architectural Digest



My Domaine

We don’t have a ton of space, and no closets, so we’ll need dressers or wardrobes, and bedside tables and a rug and lamps, but that’s too many decisions to make all at once now. So instead, I’m focusing on the fluffier decisions. the bedding.

While furnishing an entire house at once isn’t exactly going to be inexpensive, I’ve learned that we just can’t skimp on bedding. Our kids are relatively great sleepers, so I can’t really claim any hardship on the time spent in our beds (at least now that Noah doesn’t wake every two hours for a bottle), but we’re fairly worn out by the time our heads hit the pillow that I really want it to be as comfortable as possible.

Whenever I stay at my sister’s house, her bedding always feels like a hotel. Why can’t our bed feel like that every night?

I had a peek at the Brown Thomas website, arguably Dublin’s fanciest department store,
browsing their home décor and homeware living range to put together a wish list for our future,
hotel-like bedroom.

Linen bedsheets are oh-so-popular at the moment, so this deep grey linen Piubelle duvet cover would be perfect. If it’s got hotel in the name, that’s probably a good start for sheets, right? These Frette hotel collection sheets will definitely make the cut. I love a good Irish wool blanket, and this seafoam and grey stripe throw by John Hanly will pair nicely with the duvet but break up the grey. While we’re at it, cosy new robes would really top off the hotel vibe, wouldn’t they?

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  • Reply Caitlin January 24, 2018 at 11:03 am

    We are moving as well, from a tiny one bedroom (that we share with our baby) to a real live house with three bedrooms (but minimal closet space). I’m building our bedroom around a king size Pottery Barn Stratton Storage Bed!

  • Reply Lois January 25, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    King size bed: luxury! And what is it about sisters with beds and linen that make you feel like you could be in a posh hotel? #auntdi?

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