January 20, 2018

Singing: Baby Beluga on repeat before every nap and bedtime. It never leaves my head anymore! Also, listening to Michael trying to sing it to Maya before bed is hilarious. He didn’t grow up with Raffi, apparently!

Researching: toddler activities. We pulled Maya from her daycare this week because of the rampant flu that’s going around seemingly everywhere. I’m taking any and all recommendations for things that will keep toddlers busy! (Very thankful for this recommendation today)

Laughing: really hard with my mom’s group this morning. Those ladies are good for my soul.

Plotting: a potential new project with a close friend that involves putting our love of words to work for us.

Planning: for our trip to Denver next weekend! More skiing, I hope it’s not too cold!

Counting the days: until Noah’s adoption day! Valentine’s Day will never be the same!

Also counting the days: until all of his grandparents and an uncle will arrive for the occasion!

Missing: my grandma. Stumbled across some photos of her this week and haven’t stopped thinking about her.

Working: at my favorite neighborhood guilty pleasure coffee/dessert shop tonight. I definitely ate an entire giant piece of funfetti cake myself.

Mulling: consent. This discussion by DesignMom about the Aziz Ansari story this week was helpful.

In the midst of: potty training. I’d say we’re 78% there. Zero accidents outside of the house, but still a few standing 10 feet from the bathroom at home.

Cooking: not all that much now that I’ve shifted my writing hours to the evenings so I can have Maya at home during the daytimes. But I did just whip up this easy chili and it was indeed easy and remarkably fast, despite having subbed turkey mince and adding cumin, kidney beans, tomato paste and garlic.

Reading: again, finally! The Kite Runner, by the light of the flashlight on my phone while Noah sleeps a few feet away.

Sleeping: again, finally! Noah’s nearly figured out sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!

Waiting: for tomorrow’s warmer temperatures so we can get outside again.

Discovering: that adding sprinkles to plain yogurt makes for a pretty peaceful twenty minutes with a toddler.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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