August 26, 2017

Well, we’re just over a week in to having everyone home and officially functioning as a family of four. Thought I’d give you a little report on how that’s all going.

I’m tired, but not as tired as I should be considering how often Noah is up in the night. Maya came home from the hospital only waking up once in the night, so waking up every 2-3 hours is a little different and sort of brutal in a really manageable way. He almost always goes back down to sleep fairly quickly after eating, and he’s getting faster at chugging his tiny 2-ounce bottles. I know this phase is short, and I’m trying to remind myself it will be over in a flash. It’s hard to believe he’s already creeping toward three weeks old!

Maya has her moments, but overall she’s adjusting much better than we could even have hoped. She’s obsessed with Noah in general, and always wants to help give him things, like an entire bag of pacifiers all at once. Ha! She gets a little jealous when I feed him and wants to sit on my lap at the same time, so logistically that’s a little difficult. Thank goodness she’s still pretty small! She was actually weighed the other day and clocked in at 21 pounds, 6 ounces. And she’s just a month shy of turning 2. Peanut status!

Maya already started a new two-day-a-week daycare/pre-preschool program that’s just two blocks from our house and so far it seems to be going really well. Her class is bigger than it was at our previous daycare last year, but the day is more structured and predictable, with more of a curriculum that seems appropriate for almost two-year-olds.

Michael’s back at work already, so I’ve had some days on my own with both kids and we’ve all survived! By the time we hit 3pm everything can start to fall apart a little, especially since it’s really just too hot to take Noah outside at the moment. But once the weather cools down (and this darn hurricane Harvey skedaddles) we’ll hit the park at least once a day and that will definitely save our sanity. I’ve managed to work for Romper while Maya’s in school and even caught a few naps, so all in all I’d say we’re adjusting quite well!

I’m still trying to figure out if I can go back to work with my kids in school, but for the moment I’m soaking up the quality time I have with both kids while Noah is definitely too young for daycare or any other childcare option. Michael and I both really appreciate how long I was able to stay home with Maya – and can see in her how much of a difference that has made in her development. We’d love to give the same to Noah, but we’ll see what works best for our family in the coming months.

Michael and I are both totally shocked we have two kids, and totally in awe of the incredible gifts they are. We’re both still getting lots of great quality time with Maya as Noah sleeps so much at this age, and getting time together after they’re both down for the night. The only sad thing I’ve found is how Maya went from being my itty-bitty 21-pound baby to a giant toddler in the blink of an eye. The first time I held her when she got home to Houston, I just couldn’t believe how huge she felt in my arms – when just ten days earlier she still felt light as a feather with her head tucked into my shoulder. I wasn’t expecting that feeling so abruptly, and it’s been the only sort of bittersweet side of growing our family. And obviously something that is totally unavoidable. She had to grow up sometime, 21 pounds or not!

A few photos of life lately as a family of 4, some from waiting around for hurricane Harvey to come and go – hopefully without too much drama!

Maya was here. Ha! 

Double stroller back in action!  More helping, sometimes in a bossy sort of way that’s exhaustingly adorable.  Real life at about 3pm every day.  We tried to take a walk before Hurricane Harvey and got soaked instead. Maya wouldn’t let me put her cover up.  Both of us with post-soaked hairdos!  Family of 4 hurricane dance party selfie!  One more walk before Hurricane Harvey arrived – with my other kid. I have another kid! Crazy. Also, nicer photos after a shower even with tired mom eyes and no makeup. Win some, lose some.

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