Austin, Texas / A Trip to the Capitol

May 1, 2017

My parents were in town a few weeks ago so we thought we’d do a little Texas exploring, despite the fact that we really wouldn’t have to leave our HoustonΒ neighborhood to stay busy for days. My parents haven’t spent as much time in Texas as we have, so we thought we’d show them Austin. This trip to Austin, the weather wasn’t quite good enough for Barton Springs, which we loved last year when we visited. But we managed to walk along the river, visit the capitol (we’ve enjoyed the free tour twice now!), and see the bats coming out from under the bridge. It’s the largest urban bat colony in North America! And it’s smelly. Two little known facts for you right there.

These photos are from a wander around the grounds of the capitol building, a reward to Maya who mostly sat quietly in her stroller for the whole thirty minutes. And thirty minutes is her max for being cooped up in the stroller, high chair or car seat. So, we wiggled and chased birds for a little while!

These two. 1000% too sweet together.

We stayed in a cute Airbnb in a cute neighborhood near a cute street full of shops and restaurants. Sort of the epitome of Austin, even down to the massive hill it was set on. That, to me, is the main difference between Houston and Austin: Houston is FLAT and Austin is hilly. And quirkier. With more food trucks than could possibly be sustainable.

Maya likes to bring you tiny pieces of dirt and twigs she finds. It’s very generous and sometimes exhausting.


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