Stoic Sledding

December 28, 2016

maya-sledding-china-village-2 Once a day, we’ve been getting in some Maine action – cutting down Christmas trees, tonight a sunset walk in the woods, and a little sledding down the tiny hill in front of my parents’ house. Maya’s general reaction to cold is fairly stoic. For such an expressive kid, the cold just sucks it out of her. We got a few smiles out of her when she first got a ride in her red sled going to get our Christmas tree, but sledding didn’t result in half as much excitement. You know what did? When she finally tried eating the snow halfway through our ten minute sledding excursion. She thought that was a great time! And Michael got such a kick out of pushing her down the tiny hill, even if she wasn’t so impressed.  maya-and-mike-sledding maya-sledding-china-village china-village-sledding Very excited Michael, very sceptical Maya.  maya-falling-sledding It’s like she knew that hill was too steep and she’d topple onto her head. Oops! Absolute parent fail. She was strapped into that sled with a little seatbelt and the snow was about a foot deep. My dad scooped her up and she just stared at him blankly. Ha!  china-village-sledding-2 Once we tried the new track, she wasn’t any more impressed.  maya-eating-snow-3 maya-trying-snow But eating the snow. That’s when things got really good. maya-eating-snow maya-eating-snow-2 If there ever was a Maya face, this would be it. Utter and sheer excitement while exclaiming ooh-ooh-ooh! usually followed by a very serious wow.  maya-sledding-maine maya-sledding-maine-2 By next year, she’ll be bombing down that hill and we’re going to have to construct a fence to keep her out of the road!

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  • Reply Donna Palandro December 28, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    So glad to see you enjoying being home in ME. Still 80 degrees here! 🙁

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