Another Nursery Nook Look

March 11, 2016

maya-nursery-quilt Maya’s nursery is slowly coming together. We started with an empty room and a five day old baby back in October, so the fact that there’s art on the walls and it’s feeling more cosy is an achievement! We’ve come a long way from the early days of just a pull out couch and a bassinet! (Truth be told, we’re not in a position to collect very much anyway, considering we’re heading back to Dublin and we can’t take it all with us! Although I may try…)

Yesterday while Maya was napping, I hung two new things over her crib. First, a mobile my mom whipped up while I was back in Maine a few weeks ago, with the stuffing help of my friend Becky’s kids – Lola and Dexter. We thought fish might be cute, and my mom had leftover fabric from making Maya’s quilt. She sewed, then we stuffed! But seriously, she also made the quilt. And the bunny (see below)! And the bunny has bloomers! When I got back to Houston, I assembled the mobile and very quietly tapped a nail into the wall to hang it while Maya napped. maya-nursery-bunny The other fun thing I hung with the mobile is a little heart-shaped plaque that I ordered from an Irish Etsy seller, The Mood Designs. About a month ago, Etsy Ireland reached out and asked if I’d like to do a little shopping in return to sharing what I find online with my readers. I was so excited to find a new-to-me shop with just the perfect something special for Maya’s nursery.

One thing I’ve just learned about the Etsy site is that you can search by where things are made, which is really fun and especially useful if you’re looking for something made in Ireland, for example. There’s a little box you can tick on the left hand menu that will filter by location after you’ve searched. I just chose a category, I think ‘baby’, and then filtered for all handmade things made in Ireland.   maya-nursery-crib I have to admit, I almost had the plaque inscribed with the day we met Maya instead of her birthday, because to us that’s when it feels like she was born. It just feels like there’s no way she could have existed before we knew her! But I went with her real birth date instead. We’ll probably just celebrate both days forever and ever!  maya-nursery-mobile I’m hoping the last little details of her nursery will come together next week while Michael is on spring break from school. We’re going to grab a shelf from Ikea this weekend and I’m going to run to Staples to have a color engineer print made – for $7! Once those are hung, the only thing that’s still on the list is a rug to cover those bare polished concrete floors. I do love them, and they hide all manner of dirt, but when Maya starts crawling I want something cosier under her knees and hands. Right now, we just bring her into the living room to play on a blanket on our living room rug, but another space for her to play in our tiny apartment would be much appreciated.

Thanks to Etsy Ireland for letting me do a little guilt-free shopping and continue my Etsy appreciation!


  • Reply kathy Daniels March 11, 2016 at 11:53 am

    I love hearing how your doing with Maya and the things you do to make her nest so lovely. And hats off to Mary for such a beautiful quilt and bunny! Can’t wait till we can see the ” whole package” photos!

    • Reply emily March 18, 2016 at 8:26 pm

      Thank you, Kathy! We can’t wait to share her 🙂

  • Reply Katie March 15, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Adorable! That bunny is so lovely. And those fish . . . such a great idea (that I may borrow)!

  • Reply Houston Home - From China Village May 25, 2016 at 5:51 pm

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