Happy Friday!

July 24, 2015


Happy Friday from Maine! How was your week? Mine was exceptionally busy, and didn’t really feel like vacation at all. Most of the week was spent glued to the computer, working on freelance pieces, editing photos, and organising my sister’s bridal shower which I’m throwing with a friend tomorrow morning. I’m trying to get ahead with freelance projects so that I can enjoy the time before my sister’s wedding, which is only three weeks from now!

The good news, though, is that even though I’ve been stuck at my computer, I’ve been feeling my creativity return. For a few months now, mostly because trying to buy a house in Ireland sucked up every extra bit of energy I had, I haven’t felt able to think creatively at all. But this week, I’ve been thinking of new blog topics, different freelance articles I want to write, and projects I’m excited to undertake. Thank goodness!

This weekend will be full with wedding events and projects, and an opening at the local library next door to my parents’ house. I’ve been going there since they moved to this house when I was one, so I’ll be so glad to be there as they open a new reading room!

While I’m playing maid of honor, here are a few links I enjoyed – and that sparked my creativity this week!

In praise of public schools and choosing the best option for your kid.

A bright and cheery office makeover.

This hexagon mirror would be perfect in a bathroom.

Tips for organising your social media calendar (I was clueless about half of these!).

Yum! Curried corn and coconut rice.

Fab DIY printed curtain panels. I can’t wait to get my DIY on again when we actually have a home again!

The image above is from an impromptu walk through the new Portland Patisserie. Looking forward to going back to try their treats!

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope it’s restful and relaxing!

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