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baby_julius_08_web Michael and I spent last weekend after his brother’s wedding babysitting our little nephew, Julius, while his parents went on a mini honeymoon to Paris. We are both such big fans of babies and we usually fight over who gets to hold them, so it was a treat to have him to ourselves for a few hours each day when we weren’t visiting with family and friends.

I wish I had had time with his parents and older brother to take some family photos, but time was tight! They returned from Paris Sunday night and zipped back to the States Monday morning. It’s so hard to believe next time we’ll see this little man, he’ll probably be walking!  baby_julius_06_web


baby_julius_16_web    baby_julius_10_web

If you can believe it, baby Julius isn’t even three months old yet! But he’s already incredibly expressive and so, so chatty. He’s also very, very squishy. Pretty much the only time he fussed or cried was when we took his bottle away to burp him – and then he gave us the pterodactyl screech. Hilarious!   baby_julius_12_web baby_julius_13_web

baby_julius_drool      baby_julius_17 Welcome to the world, baby Julius! Thanks for behaving so well for us!

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One comment on New Life / Baby Julius

  1. Sarah Ryan says:

    I have one friend like you and Michael who has the unusual and rare ability to love other people children. Wonderful photos.

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