How Irish Weddings are Different


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post over on Wedding Party about how Irish weddings are different from other wedding celebrations. I find these kinds of cultural differences fascinating, so I thought you might too! You can learn about wedding speeches, betting on how long the best man will talk, the Infant of Prague predicting the weather, and how it’s cheaper to be an Irish bridesmaid. Irish readers, any other fun quirks of Irish weddings you would add?

See the full post here.


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One comment on How Irish Weddings are Different

  1. Great post, Irish weddings are unique alright. We went to bed at 6:00am the next morning as ourselves and our close friends had a sing song in the residents bar which was a cellar in the hotel. There is another Irish tradition which still takes place in some areas of Ireland- ban begging/ or bann begging, our friends and neighbours organised it for us. It still takes place in only a few places in Ireland and very few people have heard of it. Check it out over on my blog

    All things nice…

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