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haircut inspiration shoulder length

I’m in the market for a hair cut, probably brought on by the warm temperatures here in Maine, but also brought on by the fact that my hair has gotten quite long and there is a lot of it. It’s a good problem to have, considering the alternative, but it means it takes so long to dry. So I’m considering a shoulder length chop! What do you think?

Clockwise from top left: One / Two / Three / Four



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5 comments on Chop Chop

  1. Lucy says:

    I recently felt the same – time for a change and just felt I had too much hair! Went into my salon and was inspired to get a “lob” a long bob. My hairstylist and I felt truly inspired from Olivia Palermo, so that was our attempt. I’m seriously loving it, my hair feels lighter and perfect for summer. A lob would look lovely on you! x

    • emily says:

      Oh, I love your ‘lob’! It’s adorable! I’m headed in that direction next week and can’t wait. This humidity is killing me!

  2. Emily,
    I have a fantastic hairdresser who works in Augusta if you’d like me to recommend. Email me.

    • emily says:

      Thanks, Nancy! My sister recommended her person in Portland, so I’m already booked in. Now the only question left is how short??

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