A Super Speedy London Visit

May 16, 2014

emily tate modern

So, our trip to London. It was only last weekend but it does already feel so long ago. And it definitely feels like it wasn’t long enough at all. We arrived on Friday morning and left on Sunday evening, but I was tied up in meetings most of Friday and was attending Blogtacular (a blogging conference) all day Saturday. So that didn’t really leave very much time at all!  four seasons london

But while it was a short visit, it was a luxurious visit. Michael and I stayed at the Four Seasons Park Lane, just across the street from Buckingham Palace! It was very swanky and we pretty much loved zipping around London in the back of their Rolls Royce(!).  emily four seasons london

emily london underground

Lest you think we are altogether too fancy, there were WAY more escalators and underground visits than there were rides in the Rolls. We mostly kept it real, but we also mostly wished we got to be that fancy all the time! The London subway system was entirely too deep in the ground for me.

reflection and tate modern view

In our small amount of free time, Michael and I went over to the Tate Modern for a flying visit – Picasso, Monet’s Waterlilies, and a few odd Alex Katz paintings before we had to zip off again.   michael tate modern

There was a little three year old rolling down this giant ramp at the Tate like it was a grassy hill. It was hilarious.  michael millennium bridge

My handsome man on the scariest bridge on the planet – the Millennium Bridge was swaying back and forth in the strong winds so we decided not to cross it twice!  london from tate london bikes

On Sunday, we took the London bikes all over the city. They’re almost as good as the Dublin bikes bills with joy and damien

And we met friends in Soho for brunch! Bill’s was yum and the chats were great. I love this photo of these three sweeties cute house london

And I decided that I need a giant trellis and climbing pink roses at my house.  mike on bicycle london

Michael’s pink socks and orange Converse made me smile on my bike even though it was freezing!   photo 1 (5)

The Natural History Museum did not make me smile at all. Fair warning, on Sundays it is filled with small children running amok.  photo 2 (5)

And after three whirlwind days, Michael and I hopped on the plane back to Dublin – but only after a long delay at the airport. Thank goodness for Sunday papers and mirrored ceilings!

So you can see we didn’t really see the whole city – we’ll have to plan a return trip very soon!


  • Reply Ellie May 19, 2014 at 11:49 am

    I want to hear more about Blogtacular! 🙂

  • Reply Lucy May 22, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    The trip looks fab! Have to ask, those nude flats are a-d-o-r-able. Where did you get them? xx

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