New Life / Éabha Rose

eabha and family 2

I swear this blog isn’t getting taken over by babies, but like I said in this post, we’ve got a baby boom on our hands. And when you’re faced with a baby boom, sometimes you just have to get out your camera and capture some cuties. These cuties happen to be related to me, which makes it all the more sweet. This Michael’s and my very first niece, Éabha Rose (pronounced Ava), and her beautiful parents, Isaac and Angie. Éabha is perfectly full of cheeks and creases, and we are so excited for our very first babysitting gig tomorrow night!  eabha and family

westy family

eabha rose x2

eabha nursery westys x2

eabha and angie

ang and eabha ang and eabha 2

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5 comments on New Life / Éabha Rose

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The black and white photos are the best!

  2. Lorna says:

    Beautiful – many congratulations to all concerned!

  3. Poppiesandme says:

    Oh lord, that was a cuteness overload! Éabha is so beautiful! No doubt will be spoilt rotten by a doting auntie and uncle! xxx

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