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Gentlemen of Letters

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My friend Kristin shared this video yesterday and I loved every moment of it, so naturally I wanted to share it with all of you. Gentlemen of Letters a wonderful short film that compares and juxtaposes sign painters with street artists in Dublin, and it’s so lovely. It’s about 16 minutes long, but it’s worth every single one.

There’s a spot in the film where one of the street artists is talking about how he takes detours to see certain pieces of art – I can completely identify with that. Some of the street art around the city makes me so happy, or gives me such a boost that I’ll take a certain route over and over just to see it and smile again.

I also think street art is one of the few ways Dublin fights back and makes a statement in the face of the corruption or greed of the last few decades. I think there’s such power in those statements that are in your face every day. I’ve posted a few of the pieces mentioned in the video on my Instagramhere, here and here.

Meanwhile, I love that the video also includes the history and present state of sign painters in Dublin – and that the two groups have decided they definitely have something in common: dealing with the weather.

It’s just a super video, thanks Kristin for sharing it!

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One comment on Gentlemen of Letters / Dublin in Type

  1. Adrienne says:

    I loved this video. The passion of the sign-writers really comes through. Well done to everyone involved. Adrienne

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