Barely DIY / Copper Leaf Polka Dot Glasses

milk glass polka dots This weekend, I’m hosting a small dinner party to celebrate my 30th last week. I thought the water glasses needed a little sprucing, so I spent ten minutes adding liquid copper leaf polka dots to them. The DIY part of them was beyond simple, with no need for even a paintbrush. Take a q-tip (or cotton bud as they’re called here), dip it in liquid copper leaf, and dot on randomly.¬†They’re imperfect but a little jazzy.

milk glass copper leaf diy

And they’ll be just the trick for leaving Santa a little milk and cookies treat on Christmas Eve in just three short weeks!

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3 comments on Barely DIY / Copper Leaf Polka Dot Glasses

  1. lois says:

    Cute! I’m a sucker for dots.

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