Happy Friday from over the Ocean!

October 25, 2013

howth clouds Happy Friday, friends! I’ve been looking forward to today for weeks now. As you’re reading this, Michael and I are probably somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean heading from Dublin to Houston (with a layover in Chicago)! We’re spending Michael’s midterm break from school in Houston, and then I head to Maine for a few weeks with my family.

It doesn’t actually seem that long since we were in the States, but nevertheless we are so looking forward to our time there. Today, Michael said, I can’t believe tomorrow we’ll be in America!Β It’s true, America often seems so very far away, so the idea of going there tomorrow is a little surreal. But we’ve packed our shorts and sandals, a few gifts for our hosts, and a sizable list of things to bring back with us!

This week was actually a little rocky for me. Not enough time in the days for all the deadlines, projects, and meetings that I had lined up. The darn piece of artwork that I finally finished for the bedroom still hasn’t been hung, so I still haven’t taken any photos of the room. Still! I’m so ready to cross it off my list! But I know you guys will be patient while I postpone the reveal for another few weeks. My overall goal is to finish the other two rooms by Christmas, which I think is a nice goal. We shall see how it goes!

In the meantime, next week you can expect photos and info from our blogger meetup last week, a fun recipe I know at least a few ex-pats will enjoy, and another episode from my trip to the west of Ireland a few weeks ago. And hopefully even a DIY! Wahoo!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! See you again on Monday, from the other side of the ocean!



  • Reply Eva | Sycamore Street Press October 28, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Hi Emily! My mom and dad took a tour from you in Dublin when they were there recently on a trip, and they loved it. They’ve been telling me about your blog and that I should check it out, and I just barely got my mom to write the name down for me so I could check it out. I love it! Looks like you’ve got so many interesting projects going on! Hope you have a great trip back to the states, and thanks for being such a good host to my parents!

    • Reply emily October 30, 2013 at 1:59 am

      Hi Eva! I had SUCH a wonderful time with your parents in Dublin! And had such a nerdy moment when I realized they were your parents! It’s so fun when the internet world gets a little smaller! I hope you get a chance to bring your kiddos over to Dublin sometime soon. I’d love to show you the best parts!

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