One Dreamy Day

row boats swans island text On Friday, Michael and I tagged along with my dad, who was heading to an island off the coast of Maine for a book event. We had an absolutely dreamy day – taking the ferry, exploring the island, meeting some fascinating island folks. I have bajillions more photos, but since we’re packing to head back to Ireland on Wednesday, this one will have to do for today.

When I get back to Dublin, I will paint these boats. I haven’t broken out my paints in years, but these sweet little row boats and their dreamy reflections just need to turn into a painting.


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2 comments on One Dreamy Day

  1. what a lovely picture and story Em. #love! I want a holiday and a dreamy day too… x J

  2. I love that picture! It is just beautiful. I have been following your holiday adventure with envy! :)

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