Irish Gift Guide: For the Lads

Another gift guide for you today – this time what to pick up for the lads in your life.

1. Bainisteoir Apron – it translates to Manager in the Kitchen!

2. Skelligs Chocolate Company Irish chocolate with honey – or try their Gin and Tonic flavor!

3. Roisin Sheridan bicycle cuff links

4. Seedpod bird feeder

5. Grandfather clock from Jenny Walsh Designs

6. Cushendale woolen scarf in toffee

I already have one of these items packed in my bag to America – I wonder if you can guess which one!

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2 comments on Irish Gift Guide: For the Lads

  1. J says:

    Great Post, but I think I will have the chocolate for myself!

  2. Christine says:

    Love your blog :) My husband and I visited Ireland in June and were smitten. Do you have any recommendations on other Irish blogs to follow?

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