Friday Finds on a Sunday

Happy belated weekend, everyone! Friday just got away from me and here we are on Sunday evening and I’m just sitting down at the computer. I booked my first Vayable tour at the last minute for yesterday morning and it was so much fun! The rest of the weekend has been spent working on a few crafty projects I hope to be sharing in the next few weeks. I’m thrilled with how they turned out!

Did you all have a nice weekend? If you’re panicking about having to go back to work tomorrow, check out this little list of fun links!

First, did you know my dad is a writer? He wrote a lovely piece on the Maine Crime Writers site about what it’s like to be a crime writer with kids – like when your kids or their friends start reading your books! I loved reading it and I love being a crime writer’s kid – especially since I’m the one with a collaboration in the works!

Sweet *free* printable stationery!

These stamped swaddle blankets would make great baby shower gifts!

Yum! Quinoa and black bean chili.

Halloween is around the corner – don’t we all need a wire spider web for our doors?

Maine and more Maine making me homesick.

I love the idea of celebrating un-birthdays with people who live far away!

And finally, a chimpanzee tea party at the Dublin Zoo 40 years ago. It made me laugh out loud!

Have a lovely week!

p.s. Big (now belated) birthday shout-out to my little brother Charlie!

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One comment on Friday Finds on a Sunday

  1. Katie says:

    Love those Maine posts!

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