Friday Finds and Four Fun Things

Lately, weeks have been flying by in a blur of projects, activities, meetings and workdays. I thought instead of my usual wow-it’s-friday-here’s-some-links post, I’d share a little of my week. I’m a sporadic Instagram user, but you can keep up with the fun of my week that way as well (I’m @emilyholmes!). In fact, if you follow me, that would be so great because then I can follow you and have lots more fun in my Instagram!

So this week, four fun things. And then the links. Because if I didn’t share them, I might spontaneously combust!

I had a great meeting with Claire of the Informal Florist, and she inspired me to take a shot at my own arrangement. It’s not nearly as elegant, but it made me smile! Until it started disintegrating and now I need to vacuum, desperately.

I met up with my extra-talented friend Ursula and we worked on a project inspired by my parents’ China Village house. You’ll get to see it soon!

Slow Food Dublin Prize

Michael and I joined some friends at the Slow Food Dublin food quiz during the week. Table quizzes are usually my least favorite activity – I always leave feeling like I couldn’t answer a single question! And as the American, I’m always expected to know the American questions and when I don’t I feel like a bad American. All that to say this was a much better experience – the questions were all about food! And there was a tasting round! And I won a prize! That never happens to me!

Hibernian Gallery Dublin

We joined my in-laws at the Royal Hibernian Gallery for a stroll around, and then hit up Pablo Picante for burritos. The gallery was a showing a selection of works from local artists and the range of different artwork was so interesting! And the burritos were absolutely delish.

And now, links for your weekend. Have a fabulous weekend!

DIY Sharpie dinnerware.

10 great photo editing apps.

Gooseberry jam donuts.


The average cost of getting married. Wowza!

500 free online courses.

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3 comments on Friday Finds and Four Fun Things

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve followed you on instagram and I love your photos!

    I also checked out the “cost of getting married”.. phew! crazy!

  2. Mary Catherine says:

    What was your prize, Emily? I explored the Slow Foods website and found a wonderful traveler’s journal. Thanks for the link!

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