Holiday Decorating: Carol Garlands

So, back to the garlands.

I love, love the idea of making garlands out of the lyrics from your favorite Christmas carol.

Chelsea posted a great tutorial over on The Sweetest Occasion – including a great way to line up the string so the words aren’t all wonky!

And if I had high ceilings, I would most certainly stay up all night for the next week to make strings and strings of garlands just like this. If I did this in our house, my 6’4 husband would get very tangled, very fast.

Instead, I made a short little garland of my mom’s favorite Christmas song – Hark the Herald Angels Sing (or whatever that one is really called!). When my mom was little, she even named one of her dolls after the song. No, not Angel, Hark-the. She named it Hark-the. It’s no wonder my dolls were all named such literal things – Greenie for the Green Care Bear, Freckle-face for the freckly one and Pan-head for the (you guessed it) one with the pan on his head. I think it was supposed to be a baseball cap on backwards.

Anyway, I come by it honestly.

{I used cursive letters instead, cut out of thick paper, sprayed with adhesive and drenched in glitter. And now the house is drenched in glitter. Husband keeps giving me dirty looks.}

This little garland is getting packed up and shipped to America this weekend, along with a few other Christmas goodies! Three years in, I’m finally ahead of the game and our gifts will be there under the tree for my family on Christmas Day. Success!

Any fun crafts going on in your house? Are you all holiday-ed? I have lights to hang and a long, fun list of projects to finish this weekend. You?

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5 comments on Holiday Decorating: Carol Garlands

  1. i love your garland!! your mom is going to love it to. she might cry cause i know she misses you!

  2. Rebecca says:

    too cute! I’m not feeling the holiday spirit just yet. here’s hoping it hits soon so I can finish buying gifts.

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