Friday Finds: Garden Party Recipe Inspiration

Happy Friday, friends! We’re headed off to a wedding this afternoon, and then we’re going to spend the weekend relaxing and recuperating. What a long week!

We’ll probably also do a little more planning of our garden party coming up in a few weeks. So today I thought I’d share some recipes I’m eying for the occasion. We’re going for yummy, mini, and summer flavor. How’s that for a slightly vague theme?

Garden Party Recipes

{mini meatballs from here}

I’m thinking the Pioneer Woman’s mini meatballs, but baked in the oven with tangy barbecue sauce.

{yummy bacon chicken bites from here}

These bacon-wrapped jalapeno chicken bites look delish as well.

{fig crostini from here}

If I can find fresh figs (they should be in season here by about then), this recipe will be perfect. Elegant but really edible!

Also on the list:

Tortilla pinwheels with turkey, sundried tomatoes, pesto and cream cheese
Mini parfaits of a few different flavours
And lots of dip and chips!

So what have you all got planned for the weekend? Yummy recipes? Exciting excursions? Do tell!

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