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I’ve got a little decorating project percolating. I can’t divulge all the details yet, but it’s been constantly on my brain the last few weeks so I want to share a few little fun ideas I’m trying to incorporate. And then hopefully all will be revealed later in the summer!

The project involves a bit of decorating, probably with food-related pretty bits. I am so smitten with these beautiful prints of recipes – in French! The artist, Lucile, creates from her kitchen in Paris, of course. I have to admit, I think she sounds just lovely too!

Lucile’s pretty shop has prints of lots of sweet things, but also some fun savoury ones like pesto and oven-dried tomatoes.

Wouldn’t it be neat to do something like with an Irish recipe and the ingredients in Irish?

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  1. Stasty says:

    Ailbhe from is an Irish blogger and graphic designer. Check out her blog, her prints are gorgeous.

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